Mary and Betty go all the way in Borsato’s budget wedding | Entertainment

entertainment“>The ladies make use of their own network, of course, but also roll up their sleeves in other ways. “We pulled out all the stops and did everything for it. For a couple, for example, we went to a flower nursery and picked roses there ourselves to decorate the room nicely ”, says Mary to the ANP.

entertainment“>The new television duo, which have been friends for twelve years, have also cleaned herrings that were in the fish snacks on the menu. “That was quite a challenge. Mine looked more like a meatball. But then I looked at Betty next to me and that looked pretty good. ” That had a clear reason, Betty reveals. “This is also a surprise to Mary, but I had Googled it beforehand how to do it.”

Hard times

entertainment“>It was great for the ladies to be able to give the couples their dream wedding. “They are having a hard time and it was so beautiful that we could do something for them together,” says Betty. “It’s more than a wedding for them, it was something very important. As if they could only now show that they have chosen each other. ”

entertainment“>Comes for the viewers Borsato’s budget wedding, which can be seen on RTL 5 from Wednesday, the two think at the right time. “I think it is a good program in these difficult times. It’s a program with emotions, but with a lot of humor – we think. Every episode has a happy ending, which is nice next to all the other fierce news ”, says Betty.


entertainment“>In any case, the best friends really enjoyed their first television job together. “We had so much fun making,” says Betty. “We mainly played in the winter, so it were cold long days where we were sometimes closer to crying than to laughing. But then something happened again and we were still screaming with laughter ”, Mary adds.

entertainment“>Their friendship has not suffered from the long shooting days. “We were not bothered by it Frank in Rogiereffect ”, Betty says with a laugh, referring to the television duo that are now in conflict with each other. “We still have a great time together.”

entertainment“>The ladies are therefore open to possible television programs together in the future. If the viewers need it too, says Mary. “We made the program with passion and hope that people will watch with passion.” And otherwise they disappear “with passion from the television”, adds Betty.

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