Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to have a map twice the size of the first game

Undoubtedly the most important revelation in the past PlayStation Showcase was the gameplay de Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the long-awaited new installment of the franchise developed by Insomniac Games.

In the video we saw at the PlayStation presentation, he highlighted that Peter Parker and Miles Morales were out of Manhattanwhich allowed us to assume that the game’s map would be much larger than what was seen in the first title.

How big is the map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? He gamemaster has the answer.

A map twice the size of what was seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man

In an interview with The Washington PostInsomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar stated that the map of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is twice as long to what we saw in the first game.

As for the size of the city, it is double compared to Spider-Man. When you play Queens, it feels a lot more like a neighborhood, with smaller buildings, which is why the web wings work so well for navigating that area. You can swing close to the ground if you want, or you can fly quickly.

We remind you that although Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It’s expected sometime later this year, we don’t have a specific release date yet. For now, if you are a fan of Spider-Man, do not miss our review of his new animated film.

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