Marvel’s Midnight Suns has over 65,000 lines of spoken dialogue

The game promises strong RPG elements and lots of branching paths.

Coming out next Friday (December 2), Midnight Wonder Suns promises to be much more than a card controlled fighting game. Studio Firaxis has also invested heavily in the RPG side of the title which, with its different choices and paths, it will offer to the players over 65,000 lines of spoken dialogue.

In a video posted by the developer team on YouTube, they confirmed this the game will be filled with cutscenes and interactions between characters🇧🇷 During the adventure, in addition to assembling a team of efficient demon hunters, the player will also be able to interact with your teammates outside of combat and develop a relationship with them.

The promise of Firaxis is this Marvel’s Midnight Suns will bring in-depth interaction mechanics like those seen in shows like Mass Effect, yes BioWare. “I think we ended up with something like 65,000 lines of dubbed dialogue, over two hours of footage, my god, more branching options than you can ever imagine.”, explains chief engineer Will Miller.

Midnight Suns is an evolution of XCOM

The new game in the Marvel universe was developed by the same team responsible for the recent successful releases of XCOM🇧🇷 According to Eurogamer, while the new experience is very reminiscent of Firaxis’ previous work, it also offers several close relationships and interconnections that should be very welcome to comic fans.

According to the developer, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be a very dense game with lots of content for anyone to explore every corner of it.🇧🇷 The company forecast is that the main adventure, in addition to the various side missions available, will require more than 80 hours to be completed.

For the future, the developer also promises to release several DLCs, which should add similar characters Dead Pool to the cast of the game. the versions pc, Playstation 5 And Xbox Series X|S of the game arrive on December 2, while those who have the Playstation 4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch will have to wait until 2023 to check out the game.

Marvel's Midnight Suns introduces the importance of cards in combat

Marvel’s Midnight Suns introduces the importance of cards in combat
The game arrives on December 2 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series


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Source: Europlayer

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