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Marvel Studios: Diversity Will Have An Important Place In MCU Phase 4 According To Tessa Thompson (Thor Ragnarok)


Kevin Feige said it, diversity will be an important element in the next stages of the MCU and in particular in phase 4. Indeed, the universe launched by Marvel Studios has long been criticized for not being up to date in terms of representations, whether in terms of female characters, color, or belonging to the LGBTQI + community. Things are already changing, however, and should continue to evolve. This is what confirmed actress Tessa Thompson, the interpreter of Valkyrie, during an interview for the series Actors on Actors de Variety “These films travel the world in a massive way, and if you can represent people of color, if you can represent people with disabilities, if you can represent people from the LGBTQI + community in these films, it’s something of ‘huge.”

She continued “I think it’s really important for everyone, but especially for young people, to be able to watch these films and find projections of themselves. I am very excited to be able to continue to push these barriers, and to do it with Valkyrie. There are so many queer characters out there who are cool in comic books, and they should get a spot on the big screen. “ Indeed, in Thor : Love and Thunder, the new Queen of Asgard could find a queen, not a king. Diversity is also very present in the new franchises in phase 4, particularly in the Eternal who will introduce the first deaf superheroine of the MCU. The film industry still having great progress to make in terms of representation, it is all the more important that large studios like Marvel and Disney are participating in these changes.


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