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The multiverse of madness began with the premiere of the series “Loki” in Disney Plus. However, more will be known about it in the tape “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, After Peter Parker interrupted a spell from Doctor Strange and villains from other multiverses began to arrive.

In the first trailer for the film, Alfred Molina was seen playing Doctor Octopus once again, his role in the franchise that had Tobey Maguire as the leading actor.

Precisely, in one of the scenes he holds Holland upside down and is surprised because he does not recognize this Peter Parker. In a recent trailer that is shared by American television, it is confirmed that this villain comes from the universe of the Sam Raimi movies.

Is Doctor Octopus an ally?

Doctor Strange asks him if he knows Peter Parker, to which he responds in the affirmative. However, immediately afterwards, he is asked if it is this Parker who is present in the room and the answer is negative.

New theories indicate that Molina would not play the villain but that it would be an ally version of Spider-Man. In the final combat scene we do not see him face Spider-Man and everything seems to indicate that he will ally himself with Strange to solve the issue of the rupture of the universes.

New trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

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