Martinique’s First Male Beauty Pageant: Who Will Be Among the Five Finalists Representing Martinique in the “Mister Globe” Show in May 2023?

After unveiling the list of 8 applicants for the 1st edition of the “Mister Globe” male beauty contest on March 15, the Martinican Committee proceeds this Monday evening (March 27, 2023) to the pre-selection of the 5 candidates who will participate in the local final. scheduled for next May.

“Mister Globe” is an international competition, open to candidates from diverse backgrounds. This competition “values ​​not only male beauty, but also charitable, cultural, artistic and tourist projects”.

5 contenders among the 8 registered will be selected this Monday evening, March 27, 2023, in Sainte-Luce, for the local final scheduled for next May.

In this contest, the Martinican candidate of “Mister Globe” will be elected next May. He will be one of the 5 suitors who will be selected this evening, who will be supported by our Committee, to carry out economic, heritage, cultural and tourist visits, pending the local election.

Sheylys Bavier Arizona – local delegate coordinator of “Mister Globe”

(Left) Candidate N°1 – Youri Cellamen (1m70 – 18 years old) & (right) Candidate N°2 – Yohan Rodin (1m73 – 22 years old).

(Left) Candidate N°3 – Mathis Miram Marthe-Rose (1m73 – 16 years old) & (right) Candidate N°4 – Grégory Turiaf (1m84 – 23 years old).

Faithful to our requirements, the “Mister Globe Martinique” competition is a guarantee of beauty, but also of refinement, culture and charitable commitment. The selection covers various criteria: general knowledge test, presentation of the candidates and their “Mister with a cause” project in front of a jury of experts, without forgetting the support of the public via the “Likes” on the presentation photos. official on Instagram.

Kévin Bellegarde – artistic director and delegate of “Mister Globe Martinique”

(Left), Candidate N°5 – Giovanni Louiset (1m95 – 24 years old) & (right), Candidate N°6 Rodolphe Louemba (1m75 – 28 years old).

The 5 candidates who will continue the “Mister Globe Martinique” adventure will be prepared for the final podium. The committee says “proud to be able to represent the extent of Martinican male beauty”.

(Left) Candidate N°7 – François Xavier-Baudin (1m80 – 19 years old) & (right) Candidate N°8 – Loris Charles-Alfred (1m80 – 19 years old).

This selection for the local final is scheduled from 7 p.m., in a large hotel in the town of Sainte-Luce.

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