“Martín Soria would have to go through the books a little bit to know the ABC of his business”

In his editorial titled “El Kirchnerism, from tragedy to farce ”, on LN +, Carlos Pagni harshly criticized Martin Soria already Rodolfo Tailhade. The journalist was against statements that the new minister of Justice and Human Rights made last week and expressed: “I would have to review a little the books to know the ABC of your business ”.

Pagni began by talking about the government’s actions regarding judicial issues: “One of the aspects where Kirchnerism today is farcical, in relation to that tragic Kirchnerism of the previous experience, is in its relationship with Justice. Especially in the quality of the arguments. At the head of them, the new minister Martín Soria, every time he speaks he says such hilarious things that they make one doubt that he has ever studied law ”.

“Soria has just said that, given his new inauguration as Minister of Justice, he cannot go after judges, which he did before, when he was a deputy. That is to say, for a deputy judges can be pursued. The idea of ​​a public official talking about persecuting judges should already disturb Alberto Fernández a lot, “he added.

Later, the journalist criticized other statements by the new minister: “He said that while there were many femicides, federal judges dedicated themselves, instead of attending to those cases, to visit Mauricio Macri. It is curious, because femicides have nothing to do with the federal jurisdiction, they are crimes that are tried in the ordinary jurisdiction. Soria would have to go through the books a little bit to know the ABC of his business ”.

“Soria says that he can no longer chase judges. That he did as a deputy. I could put it another way: ‘What I did as a deputy, the persecution of judges, was left to Rodolfo Tailhade.’ He is also in a very strong attack against journalists and judges ”, considered Pagni, who later inquired about the past of the president of the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

“Tailhade was the star lawyer of a very important criminal law firm, Pizarro Posse and García Santillán. This study was closely linked to the defense of economic and financial corporations. If you were a Kirchner, you would say it was a neoliberal study. Martín García Santillán later became president of the City’s lottery institute, with Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. We could say that Tailhade has a Macrista past, or at least a philomacrist past. The strange thing is that today he hates, with such passion, what he defended at the time ”, he completed.

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