Martin Scorsese returns to Netflix with a documentary about New York

Since the arrival of the year 2000, humanity has not so anxiously awaited the change in the calendar. Turning the page from the last complicated twelve months, many imagine a new beginning. With those expectations 2021 has a lot to prove. It will not be easy but to start off right Netflix announced that on January 8 it will release a new film directed by Martin Scorsese. Is about Suppose New York is a city, a documentary built around the figure of the writer Fran Lebowitz, a New York icon with less global popularity than the director, but as full of ideas as he is.

In fact, in the film you will see them both talking about their hometown and the customs and traditions that make it unique in every way. With Scorsese as a guide and character, many will be able to meet Lebowitz, a brilliant essayist and representative of a species of thinkers who seems to be in extinction because of his age, but especially because of the culture of cancellation. “People get mad at me because I’m full of opinions,” says the writer in the trailer in which she is seen touring Manhattan, talking to a bookseller and amazed at the students in a crossfit class.

With Killers of the Flower Moon, the director’s new film halted in pre-production the arrival of Suppose New York is a city, Scorsese’s second documentary for Netflix after Rolling Thunder Revue dedicated to the figure and music of Bob Dylan, it is cause for celebration for fans of the cinema in general and the director of the Irish in particular. For them, the most anticipated scenes in the documentary will be those in which the director appears, a symbol of New York and its infinite charms in his own right.

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