Martin Garrix 2nd best DJ in the world, but organization spells name wrong | Stars

Martin Garrix had to give way to David Guetta, who was voted the most popular DJ in the world. On Instagram, the Dutch DJ announced that he is equally happy with all the fans who voted. But: “Please, if you announce me as the second best DJ in the world, spell my name correctly,” he reports. The organization had written Garixx.

53-year-old Guetta, who also took the lead in 2011, expressed his gratitude in AFAS Live on Wednesday. “It means so much. I worked really hard this year. We’ve taken United at Home to new heights, were finally reunited on the dance floor and I’ve released more music than ever,” Guetta says. “It’s been great to play new music live and the energy and reactions from the audience keep me going after all these years.”


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