Martin Campbell’s Doubts about Casting Daniel Craig as James Bond: A Drastic Departure from Tradition

Martin Campbell’s Doubts about Casting Daniel Craig as James Bond: A Drastic Departure from Tradition

In 2005, when it was announced who would be Pierce Brosnan’s successor in the role of James Bond, there were many fans unhappy with that decision. In particular, because the selected actor boasted a very different appearance and bearing from those who preceded him. And curiously, that was the reason why director Martin Campbell also had some doubts about casting Daniel Craig for his film Casino Royale (2006).

In a recent interview with Express UK, the septuagenarian filmmaker admitted that Craig caused him some reluctance during the audition stage. It wasn’t that he distrusted his histrionic abilities; Even today he recognizes that he is a “superb actor.” Rather, he felt that his version of Agent 007 would entail a very drastic departure from all the previous ones.

“Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were traditional-looking Bonds. All handsome, sexy guys, very attractive to women and so on,” commented the director. “[En cambio] Daniel was obviously tougher and rougher. He was not a traditional handsome guy.”

Although Martin Campbell thought about those factors “for a minute,” in the end he gave his vote to who currently claims to be the oldest James Bond in history. “It was always him, absolutely,” he pointed out.

Speaking about the selection process, the director of GoldenEye (1995) admitted that the way in which the candidates are evaluated and the final candidate is voted on is “pretty great.” He stated that the casting of Casino Royalefor which eight candidates paraded for the role of James Bond, was “very democratic.”

“There were the producers, the casting director, etc., etc., and me. And you go through the eight people and you raise your hand as you talk about each one and, in the end, everyone has to be unanimous in their decision,” she explained.

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After Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig would go on to star in four other films in the franchise over the course of 16 years: Quantum of Solace (2008), Heavy rain (2012), Spectre (2015) y No time to die (2021). The latter was his farewell letter and Eon Productions is currently searching for his successor and the director in charge of taking the reins of the next installment.

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All James Bond movies are currently available in the Prime Video catalog.

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