Martijn Krabbé angry with Anouk due to reaction to TVOH hoopla: “What are we going to get?”

Anouk made sure of it The voice of Holland it has been elevated to the next level, says Martijn on Beau van Erven Dorens’ interview show. “She was a godsend for that programme. (…) For what she is, for her reputation. I’ve always been very happy with her. The point was, she thought it was a shitty format. She didn’t I don’t like it at all.”

Anouk has to coach several people in the program, which she actually doesn’t see useful at all. This makes working with the rock star extremely difficult for the entire production. “Big black storm clouds around her. I could laugh about her. But it took a lot of effort on the part of the production to keep her somewhat cheerful.”

A broadcast will appear in January Whistles Over The voice of Holland which reveals that the candidates do not feel safe during and after the taping of the talent show. Applicants say they are dealing with transgressive behavior from prominent people in the program. Anouk quickly replies that they are “a corrupt gang”.

“How do you think we all felt there? We’ve been rolling out the damn red carpet for you for the last six years. What are we going to have? Corrupt gang, sorry?” Martijn did not address her about it. “What’s the use? She faded it a month later, then I think, well, good.”

Beau Island you can see every Sunday at 20:00 on RTL 4 and you can watch the program again on Videoland.

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