Martigues Volley loses intense derby against Avignon

The volleyball players of Avignon won this evening in Martigues a big fight which was played in the tie break during the 10th day of Ligue B. The rage at the end of the Sang et Or match was not enough to reverse the situation .

“It’s gonna be war” had predicted us a member of the staff martégal. No war in the end, but a hell of a battle won in the tie break by Avignon. “But we did not play at our usual level, we suffered this evening, we were a little extinct at times“regretted the coach Christophe Charroux.

The people of Avignon expected “to be shaken”, as our colleague from Dauphiné Libéré called it. And that was the case at the start of the match! From the start, the MVB took the lead with a block that often thwarted enemy attacks (8/5). Extremely well in place behind and cleverly alternating big strikes and feints in front, the Sang et Or were never led in this perfectly mastered first set even if the AVB tried to hang on (12/8, 16/13, 20/15, 25/18).

“We’re too nice to serve” then noted the Vaucluse coach José Amet. He was quickly listened to because his players served much stronger from the start of the second set with a few aces to the key (2/5). Not enough to destabilize the Martégaux who quickly refocused (7/6). It gave a second set much more contested than the first (13/13). Completely uninhibited Avignon made the break with a good series of 5 points (14/19). The MVB then took risks – not always paying – in the service to return to the score (21/23) but it was the visitors who had the last word (21/25).

The awakening of Martégaux

The derby kept the same intensity after the break (5/5, 8/6) with two teams not wanting to let go. With a reception again at the top, Martigues distanced himself (12/8, 16/13) but Avignon came back well (17/16). And in a suspenseful end of the set (22/22), it was a contentious ball given to the visitors, despite several minutes of dispute, which made the difference (23/25).

Affected, the Martégaux struggled to get back into it (1/3) before recovering (6/5, 8/7). A welcome awakening especially as several arbitration decisions provoked the wrath of the two teams and raised the tension in the gymnasium Julien Olive (14/14). In any case, this gave the Martégaux rage (18/16, 20/18), a rage that pushed them to snatch the set even if once again the AVB had returned (21/21, 25/23).

Much better off (1/5), Avignon never faltered in the tie break despite the continuous efforts of the MVB (4/8, 5/10). Final score 9/15.

With 26 points, the Avignon player Talia was named MVP. In Martigues, Demirovic’s 19 points, Kolokilagi’s 16 points and Kavli’s 12 points were not enough to win the match.

Find the video interviews of the two coaches José Amet and Christophe Charroux at the microphone of JM Darras.

The images of the match will be on Monday evening in the Sports Journal on maritima TV

In the standings, Martigues descends to 4th place in Ligue B. Before the Christmas break, the MVB will continue with two trips, December 18 to Rennes (9th) and 22 to Saint-Quentin (3rd).

The next home games will be on January 8 with the reception of Avignon, for the revenge but this time in the Coupe de France, then on the 15 with the arrival of Fréjus in Ligue B.


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