Marthomma Nasrani Sangam at Parel Church tomorrow : Nattu Visesham

Marthomma Nasrani Sangam tomorrow at Parel Church

Saturday 19 November 2022 00:22 IST

Changanassery: As part of the Parish Day celebration at Parel St. Mary’s Church, Yi will hold the Nasrani Sangam tomorrow. At 4.00 pm Holy Mass. Family meeting to follow. Athirupatha Vicar General Mon. James Palakkal will inaugurate.
Vicar Fr. Jacob Warikat will preside. Br Teji Puthuveetilalam, Fr. Tobin Aruvanparampil, Kalathitaparampil Syriac Ennivar Geek. Announcing the jubilee of marriage, priesthood and asceticism Varey and those who have distinguished themselves in various fields at the conference will appreciate.

Men on the 1950th anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Men, women and children will be dressed in traditional costumes. There will be a love party followed by artistic performances.

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