Martha Higareda’s TikTok Anecdotes and the Truth Behind Them

Martha Higareda is one of the most established actresses from her performance in “Amarte duele” (2002) to “Fuga de reinas” (2023). She developed her facet as a producer and has managed to make her way in the industry. But these days she is in the news and not because of her acting work.

On TikTok there have been several repercussions generated by some of his anecdotes, so much so that some users have called them “false” or “fanciful”.

One of the best known was when she said that she stumbled in a restaurant and Ryan Gosling, the famous actor who plays Ken’s skin for “Barbie”, took her in his arms. She has also said that at a party she attended, Will Smith gave her life advice.

Among her most recent anecdotes, Martha Higareda told in an interview that she turned down a role in a movie (“The Lost City of Z”, 2016) with the British actor, Robert Pattinson. Her decision was made by recording the hit No Manches Frida (2016) in which she starred.

She received a lot of ridicule because they made fun of that assumption, and belittled the film that she produced and that grossed $23.5 million at the box office.

But these jokes were taken by a TikTok user who, with screen tests, confirmed the actress’s statements. “The only schizophrenics are you, Martha Higareda has always told the truth”, the Internet user begins in his video. He assures that the American actor Jon Foster is a friend of Martha’s; and in turn, Foster is a friend of Zoey Kravitz.

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This clarification would be due to the fact that Martha Higareda narrated on some occasion that Kravitz invited his friend Foster to a party at the house of the singer Prince. And according to the Mexican, he “came down from his room wearing pajamas.”

The tiktoker confirmed through the accounts that they follow on social networks, both Martha and Jon and Zoey, that there is a connection between them. They are all virtual friends.



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