Marta López Denounces Harmful Body-Shaming in Television Programs

Marta López has not been able to hide her tremendous anger with Fiestathe magazine of Telecinco hosted by Emma García. the model and influencerwho will marry Kiko Matamoros in just a few days, has expressed his discomfort with the program due to some photos where they observed the physical evolution of the model and the different retouching that he has undergone over the years.

“I had anorexia and had gained 20 kg in a month. Those photos you use are from when I had my disorder and after when I was bloated from an ED recovery process. So you should be ashamed to compare with those types of photos. So I say it”, López assured in an Instagram story.

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The future woman from Matamoros recalled that physical changes are not always on a whim and that on many occasions they respond to other types of problems: “I have already told it, but of course they do not take into account that the shape of the face changes me apart from growing, for having had a very serious problem, in addition to the body”.

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López recounts that “at the age of 14 she had the face of a sick girl, because she was.” “And when I gained 20 kilos, she was in a physical moment of transition,” she adds. influencer, who does not tolerate being said to look like “another person in a pejorative way.” “Luckily I am another person: happy and healthy,” she stressed.

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Close defense of Tamara Falcó

Marta Lopez Party

Marta López asks that television programs stop judging the physical

Instagram / Marta López

Marta López also did not like the debate that took place in the program around the physique of Tamara Falcó, who would have decided to put herself in the hands of professionals to lose weight, in view of her imminent engagement with Íñigo Onieva. “It seems aberrational to me that a person’s physique is judged lightly when they gain or lose weight, if they do not have any kind of problem with having been able to gain weight or not, you may be creating it with your constant opinions about whether they have increased or not his size ”, he assured.

“That he is left to be as he pleases and that no one has to analyze his physique would be a behavior typical of adult, evolved people and who are supposed to have ‘not judge’ as their flag. I am not saying it for anyone, or by any means, it is that they are all ”, he criticized.

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