Marta Lois: Spokesperson for New Political Party in Congress of Deputies

Marta Lois: Spokesperson for New Political Party in Congress of Deputies



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The Galician Marta Lois, president of Sumar and Yolanda Díaz’s most trusted person, will be the spokesperson for the new political party in the Congress of Deputiesas confirmed by sources from the parliamentary group to Europa Press.

Lois was top of the list for A Coruña, winning his seat. The formation promoted by the second vice president achieved a second act in Galicia, that of Verónica Martínez Barbero, who led the list by Pontevedra

Born in Vigo, but living in Santiago for a quarter of a century, she was mayor of Compostela Aberta (CA) since 2015, the year in which this tide achieved the municipal leadership, at the hands of Martiño Noriega, during the emergence of the new left. In the shadow of Noriega, He was one of the heavyweights of CAalthough last year he took a step back and refused to repeat on the lists of an organization that only achieved two councilors, after losing power in 2019. He had held the Department of Equality, Economic Development and Tourism.

The tasks of this Professor of Political Science at the Santiago de Compostela University They were clear after Díaz pointed out her as one of the first gestating minds of Sumar.

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