Marseille Entrepreneur Faces Trial for Trapping Neighbors’ Dogs with Screw-filled Sausages

A Marseille entrepreneur in his sixties will be tried next December for having tried to trap his neighbors with sausages stuffed with screws.

“It makes you wonder if his pleasure was not to make them suffer”. Isabelle, a Marseillaise owner of a dachshund and a pointer is “stunned”.

One day, while she is on vacation, her “dog-sitter” sees her two dogs fighting over food before falling victim to an illness.

He recognizes the facts without being able to explain himself

The veterinarian orders an x-ray and finds a dozen screws in the stomach of the dachshund, detail our colleagues from Provence which reveal the case.

Thanks to the surveillance cameras in her home, Isabelle realizes that it is none other than her neighbor who is throwing sausages stuffed with screws at the two dogs, enough to threaten the lives of the animals.

While we found the receipt from the store where he had bought the screws, the suspect recognized the facts without being able to explain them.

The neighbor in question is a business manager in his sixties who had obviously never complained about his neighbor’s dogs. He will be tried in December 2023.

2023-06-11 17:44:16
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