Mars ice cream withdrawn from sale in Poland. GIS Cautions: They Were Contaminated With Ethylene Oxide

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“We may have to say goodbye to tea or chocolate”

Chief Sanitary Inspector was informed about the withdrawal of twelve parties by Mars Polska ice cream. The presence of ethylene oxide in the ingredient used in their production was detected.

Milka ice cream withdrawn from sale. They contain a harmful substance

Ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide

As we read in the GIS release, Mars Polska, having obtained information from the raw material supplier, suspended production and blocked batches of products made with the use of contaminated ingredients. It was also decided to recall a batch of products manufactured and placed on the market before the company was informed of their contamination.

The following products were withdrawn from sale:

  • M&M’s peanut ice cream stick 62g – kod produktu: CK35M;
  • SNICKERS CRISP XTRA ice cream bar 47g – kod produktu: CP63F;
  • SNICKERS XTRA ice cream bar 66g – kod produktu: CR22M;
  • BOUNTY EXTRA ice cream bar 51.6g – kod produktu: CR22P;
  • TWIX ice cream bar 34.2g, 4-pack box – kod produktu: CP38V;
  • TWIX XTRA ice cream bar 47g – kod produktu: CR22T;
  • ASO SNK/MMs/MALT Ice Cream Sticks 40 pcs – kod produktu: CS74L;
  • SNICKERS ice cream bar 48g – kod produktu: CP87N;
  • BOUNTY ice cream bar 39.1g, 4-pack box – kod produktu: CP39C;
  • Biedronka ice cream mixcase – product code: CL14N and CN08A;
  • M&M Peanut Ice Cream 62g – kod produktu: CG36Y.

Gdansk.  They will cut trees and plant new ones in potsThe conservator changed his mind about the logging. The trees will appear in pots

Ethylene oxide is carcinogenic and toxic to reproduction

Use of ethyl oxide and its placing on the market European Union is not allowed. This substance is harmful to health. In the EU regulation, it was classified as substance 1B, which means its carcinogenicity, mutagenicity or toxicity to reproduction. Prolonged contact with large amounts of ethylene oxide can cause:in. headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fits, blurred vision, difficulty breathing and skin burns.

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