Married couple led derby |

For the first time in history, the married couple managed the match together, while the referee couple Burak Pakkan and Gamze Pakkan served in the derby.

Burak Pakkan served as the referee of the match, while Gamze Pakkan worked on the field as the 4th referee.

The referee Burak and Gamze couple, who got married 3 months ago, received great interest in the match played in Ankara Eryaman Stadium.

Gamze Durmuş Pakkan also managed the pre-season TSYD Cup match of the two teams. Burak Pakkan, on the other hand, quit active football after playing football for 2 years in Ankaragücü infrastructure and chose to be a referee.

Burak Pakkan whistled for the first time in the match of both teams.


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