Marriage or Mortgage Season 1 Review – Making a Tough Decision

Season 1 of the Netflix reality TV series Marriage or Mortgage premieres on the streaming service on March 10, 2021.

While the world of television makes a reality TV show out of anything, Netflix’s next roll of the dice involves when a traditional, successful couple must make a budget choice – do they get married or get they have a mortgage? And you can understand the dilemma – saving money is a tough feat in a tough world – are you wasting it in one day or making a lifetime investment? It’s a serious test for a couple.

But as the first episode indicates, getting a mortgage with the other half is also a commitment in today’s financial structure, so while the series may lean toward logical decision-making, the overall choice seems to come from of emotional reasoning.

At the helm of the reality TV series, two experts in the field compete to encourage the couple either in marriage or in the mortgage. Nichole Holmes is the industry’s premier real estate agency, while Sarah Miller is the prestigious wedding planner. Interestingly, the two women aren’t there to be the furniture for the show; there’s a genuineness to be gained – expect a few rolling eyes and some last-minute desperate throws to bring a couple to their side.

As a concept, Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage works because it taps into the real decision that couples face every day. As much as we stress that long term relationships are all about love and communication, but it comes to a point where a proper financial decision can also take priority and be paramount to a couple’s longevity. Marriage or Mortgage Season 1 idolizes the traditional relationship, signaling what couples could have if they work hard together.

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There’s a budget that’s at the heart of every episode – couples must determine if they get their money’s worth on both options, with Nichole and Sarah desperate to find ways to cut costs and add value. , there is a market flair to the series that some viewers will appreciate.

While Marriage or Mortgage is like any stereotypical reality TV show, there is a real purpose rooted in the concept, allowing couples to make a wise choice based on where they are in their lives. together.

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