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Unusual wedding party: Pascal and Diana (above center) celebrated their civil wedding as Han Solo and Princess Leia. And the other wedding guests also came to the registry office in a Star Wars look. © Rother

A couple from Hamm celebrated a special kind of wedding. Instead of wearing fancy dresses, the entire wedding party turned up in Star Wars costumes.

Hamm – Once upon a time in a nearby registry office in a galaxy even closer, two rebels tied the knot. The first sentence of the wedding story of Pascal and Diana Schnabel from Hamm could be something like this. The two now celebrated a very special wedding at Haus Vorschulze: instead of a wedding dress and suit, the couple said yes to each other in rebel gear and with a laser sword. And the wedding party also appeared in a Star Wars look.

“The marriage proposal came in the middle of this crazy Corona period, when you didn’t know what was possible with celebrations and what wasn’t. We just made the best of it and said, let’s make it really crazy. We’re having a theme party. I’ve always wanted to be a Disney princess. So we said, Han Solo and Princess Leia are getting married,” says the bride.

Wedding with a difference: couple from Hamm get married in Star Wars outfit

The 41-year-old Munsterlander and 42-year-old Hammer met at a party in 2016. It quickly became clear: there is more. A short time later, Diana then moved to Pascal in Hamm. Science fiction and especially the Star Wars series have always played a major role in their lives. “The movie night is of course part of it,” says Pascal Schnabel.

However, the couple had not expected that the guests would take up the unusual wedding motto so well. “We left it up to our guests what they do with the motto. But when we saw everyone in the costumes, we were very excited,” said the groom.

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Star Wars wedding in Hamm: Registrar becomes Jedi Knight

Even the registrar had dressed up as a Jedi Knight to match the motto. “He did it beautifully and found just the right balance of wedding speech and Star Wars references. We’re still really excited,” says Schnabel.

Special well-wishers: Star Wars fan force Hamm stopped by to congratulate the couple.
Special well-wishers: Star Wars fan force Hamm stopped by to congratulate the couple. ©Andreas Rother

Another surprise awaited the couple after the civil wedding in the Vorschulze house. At the invitation of the family, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Boba Fett from the Star Wars fan force Hamm stormed the wedding room. Instead of a galactic battle of good versus evil, there were congratulations and a special wedding shoot.

Church wedding in a year with a different motto?

“Actually, we hadn’t planned anything big, but it was quite a big celebration on site. We’re still flashed,” says Diana Schnabel.

There will also be a church wedding. In a year they want to celebrate a big wedding with friends and family. “We have already been asked which motto we will choose for the day. But in the church we want it to be a bit more classic. But we don’t want to dictate what the guests wear to the party. So if you want to dress up, you’re welcome to do so,” explains the groom.

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