Marquez the culprit of the Aleix and Pol incident at the Aragon MotoGP

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Aprilia racer Aleix Espargaro pointing out Alex Marquez as the cause of the incident with Pol Espargaro in qualifying MotoGP Aragon at the Aragon Circuit, Saturday (17/10).

Aleix and Pol Esargaro bumped into the final corner of MotoGP qualification. The two collided because they avoided Alex Marquez who was in the middle of the track.

The incident surprised Aleix. The reason is, being in the middle of the track at the last corner of qualifying is a strange thing.

“I was also very angry. I was on the best lap, and I met Alex Marquez in the middle of the last corner. So I had to shift the bike to avoid contact with him,” said Aleix. Motosan.

“When I avoided him, Pol hit me, because he was also going fast behind me,” said Aleix added.

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With the collision incident, Aleix Espargaro had to start at MotoGP Aragon on Sunday (18/10) from ninth position. This made him so angry with Alex Marquez.

“I really don’t understand why Alex Marquez is waiting at the last corner of qualifying. We have to remember, with MotoGP we reached 350 km / h in that final corner,” said Aleix.

“It was very easy to cut, and I saw him in the middle of the corner. I dodged, and then Pol hit me. We were lucky nothing happened, but it ruined our last chance in qualifying,” said the 31-year-old racer continued.

The Aragon MotoGP race takes place on Sunday (18/10). The Aragon MotoGP race can be watched via live broadcast on Trans 7 and live streaming di



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