Marotta: “Covid, an experience that marks and teaches. Count a great. We hare but … “

A very welcome return to San Siro for Inter-Sassuolo. At the Meazza, in fact, Beppe Marotta also sees himself as the Nerazzurri

A very welcome return to San Siro for Inter-Sassuolo. In fact, Beppe Marotta, the Nerazzurri CEO, now fully recovered from Covid, also sees himself at the Meazza. The Inter manager is well aware of the importance of today’s match, which could lead Conte and his team to +11 over Milan. These are his words to DAZN before the match against the neroverdi:

“I am recovering, after coming out of a heavy experience from the point of view of health. I have experienced the competence of the health personnel. It is an experience that marks you and teaches you. Inter? The contacts were continuous with the club, I followed everything and I can only be flattered for what happened. What did I say to Conte and the team when I saw them at Pinetina? First of all, I congratulated everyone Conte proved to be a great coach, a leader. We are playing the hare that runs away, but we have to continue, because there are still points available.

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