Markus Söder (CSU): tough corona manager and candidate for chancellor – now he’s showing his most private feelings

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Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder is considered a tough corona manager and candidate for chancellor. All the more he now surprised with an action that reveals his private feelings.

  • Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder is considered Corona-Manager and is called successor from Chancellor Merkel acted.
  • On Instagram published the Politician an emotional post about his father.
  • The post came across the social Medium on a lot approval and sympathy.

Munich – Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Söder * has continued through the Corona-Krise our hands full. On Monday (August 10th) took place in Nürnberg a Cabinet meeting about the corona pandemic. And that despite the current vacation time. As Spokesman in the subsequent press conference spoke South over the alarmingly high R-value and threatened to take more stringent measures*. In addition to managing the crisis, however, the politician has time for a very personal post Instagram found. He thinks of himself father – who would have celebrated his 90th birthday today, August 12, 2020. However, Söder-Senior did not live to see the day.

On Instagram came across the post of Prime Minister on a lot Encouragement and sympathy. One sentence in particular touched the followers of the Politician.

Markus Söder reveals private feelings: “A man with values ​​and a good family”

By doing Instagram Post commemorates Markus Söder not just his deceased father. He also writes on personal Facts from his life and about the connection of father and son. “He was a master bricklayer, a child of his time and a good father,” he writes Prime Minister about his father. “As children, sons always want to be different from their fathers. Despite different circumstances and times, they are much more similar than they admit ”. The Reactions on the emotional words are numerous. “He would be very proud of you and your work,” writes one user. “You will find very loving words for your papa, dear Prime Minister!” Comments another.

The last sentence from the Post from South, which also works as a Rat is to be seen, meets particularly high Encouragement. “Let us always take care of our parents in life, because later we can only miss them,” he writes Prime Minister. Most of his followers agree. “Everyone who still has the opportunity should really heed the last sentence,” reads under the post. “Markus Söder, a man with values ​​and a good family home! ”writes one user.

Söder: Chancellor candidate of the Union – does he show his human side with the post?

Be through Management in the Corona-Krise reached Söder’s popularity in Bavaria is bizarre*. A survey showed a paradox Chancellor wish. In the survey in the “Bavaria trend“Of the Bavarian radio South the highest percentage. 77 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that CSU-Chef be a suitable one Chancellor candidate. So that lies Prime Minister far ahead of its opponents. A change on Federal level is still not the optimal scenario for many. The Bayern want to keep their prime minister.

Also under the emotional post Instagram the subject of the “candidate for Chancellor” is discussed. A user expresses his opinion as directly as possible – and only writes “The Chancellor”. Another comment however, shows that just such a personal one Contribution of Politician good at the population arrives. “How right Mr Söder is with his statement. He is said to have a certain arrogance, but with this post he proves the opposite, which makes him very human, ”writes one user. Perhaps the one shown encourages humanity the suitability as Chancellor candidate. Maybe it just reinforces the intention of the Bavarian population as Markus Söder Prime Minister of Free State to keep. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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