Marko: “Three of the four drivers have already taken the plunge”

Any musical chairs inside Red Bull Racing must come to an end before the Turkish Grand Prix. This is what Helmut Marko says, who also says that the decision has already been taken on three of the four names.

It is still unclear in what capacity Red Bull Racing and sister team AlphaTauri will appear in 2021. Max Verstappen will not go anywhere, but it is not yet known who will be his teammate within Red Bull. Currently sits there Alexander Albon, but the Thai Briton knows not to live up to this. AlphaTauri currently has Pierre Gasly in Daniil Kvyat. The former is doing very well there, but his Russian partner is having a bit more trouble. In addition, Yuki Tsunoda is regularly coupled to an Alpha seat. The Japanese is currently posting solid results in Formula 2.

The only thing that can be filled in is that Verstappen will drive for Red Bull Racing next season. Then there are four names left. If Tsunoda actually moves on to Formula 1, Red Bull will not place him directly in the main force. That means that there are three potential teammates left for Verstappen, one of which has to disappear to make way for the Japanese. His claim to a seat, however, appears to be greatly diminished by the impending departure of Honda. In addition, Red Bull could choose to take a look outside its own breeding ground.

Conclusion: much speculation, but no certainty. However, this uncertainty will end in a relatively short term, Helmut Marko reports. The Red Bull CEO says that for the Grand Prix of Turkey – which will be held on Sunday, November 15 – it must be clear who will drive where in 2021. “We have already decided on three positions, we will decide on the fourth for Istanbul,” he said AvD Motorsport Magazine on Sport1. So who will be the unfortunate remains to wait a while.


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