Marko does not rule out chassis change at Verstappen in America

Remy Ramjiawan

Thursday, October 14, 2021 12:19 – Last update: 12:33

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is thinking of changing the chassis of Max Verstappen. The Austrian also compliments the Dutchman’s attitude, especially if a weekend does not go his way.

The 78-year-old Marko adds Sport1 indicated that he already foresaw problems for his stable during the first free practice in Turkey. This is how the Dutchman and his teammate Sergio Perez problems with the balance of the car: “Verstappen complained about understeer and it stayed that way all weekend. That was not ideal.”

Calm Verstappen

Despite the fact that things did not go smoothly in Istanbul, Verstappen remained calm: “Of course we just keep fighting and Verstappen is handling the situation well. He remains calm and points out the car’s areas for improvement.” The Austrian recognizes that a change must come quickly. He therefore alludes to a chassis change for the upcoming race in America. In the course of the weekend in Turkey, the problems continued.

Merdeces has the speed

The advisor would like to say something about the race in Turkey: “Verstappen normally does not wear a child on a wet track Valtteri Bottas.” Nevertheless, he could Mercedes of the Finn can’t keep up and if Yuki Tsunoda Lewis Hamilton hadn’t stopped, the Brit would probably have passed the Dutchman. “If that situation had occurred, Mercedes would probably have given Bottas a team order, so that Hamilton went out with the full force,” Marko assumes.



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