Job description

The Brittany Chamber of Agriculture, which has 550 employees with multidisciplinary skills, is developing a wide range of individual (business, livestock, agro-food, etc.) and collective (continuing education) advice for its customers. It has strengthened its marketing and sales approach with its regionalization since January 2017, with its various clients (project leaders, farmers, Opa and companies, communities).
Become the assistance of a marketing and sales department with a transversal activity to all the departments of the CRAB, in contact with a large number of departments and teams.
You will work on a daily basis with our marketing and sales representative and the sales coordinator.
We are recruiting 1 “Marketing and Sales Assistant” Service Assistant within DA Company and Marketing / Marketing and Sales Department for replacement following retirement.
Main missions :

– Implementation of CRAB Newsletters, including the monthly NL: programming, collection of articles, updating of the express mailing comic, monitoring, processing and communication of statistics, clickers, link with the communication service, dissemination – transfer. ..
– Marketing and sales animation:

– support in the preparation of customer relations days (JRC), preparation of targeting files …
– management of ad hoc databases
– preparation of internal notes (catalog distribution, monitoring of indicators, etc.)
– support for the development of the service price guide
– participation in outgoing call sales campaigns
– Support for the management of the department’s activities (product sheets, customer portfolios, etc.)

– Meeting preparation support: preparation of the Operational Group produced (5 / year), and other needs
– Quality Performance Approach (DQP): support for the implementation of Quality requirements in connection with the activities of the service
– Support for the development of the use of our GRC tool (octagri): tutorial, support for assistants …
– Assistance / support of service agents and consultation with other services including the Communication dissemination transfer service on marketing communication



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