Market Cafe by Khao serves Michelin-starred Thai cuisine.

Thanet Phetsuwan, Deputy Governor of Marketing Communications Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) presided over the event along with Mr. Sammy Karolus, President of Hyatt Regency Bangkok, Ms. Pradinan Akkharachinoret, Executive Director of Khao Group and Khun Witawat Wiphakul, Chief Real Estate Officer of Grande Asset Hotels and Property Public Company Limited, at the opening of Market Cafe by Khao on the 4th floor of the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Hotel. Sukhumvit

A harmonious fusion They are all things that are inherited through the original taste. Great fresh ingredients And advanced cooking techniques at Rice, a 1 Michelin star restaurant

For many years this rice shop has been offering the deliciousness of authentic Thai food. And it is also one of the beginning of the Thai food trend that is all but more popular. In every detail of the rice shop It is also a true reflection and honor of love for Thai food. Along with the trace of delicacy, wisdom and long-standing taste Because Thai food is the representative of love and happiness. Sharing an experience that goes beyond the memorable flavors of a variety of authentic Thai dishes with your loved ones. Therefore, it is the main purpose of presenting the true experience and meaning of Thai food. Travel of the rice restaurant From Ekamai to the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit this time Therefore is like a new starting point Presenting tradition, imagination and simplicity in a perfectly contemporary setting in the heart of the city.

Mr. Thanet Phetsuwan, Deputy Governor of Marketing Communications The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that the rice shop opened this time as a channel to convey the traditional Thai food culture and Thai wisdom. Turn the crisis into an opportunity Create new challenges Due to the coming Thai food trend It will be open to Thais and foreigners living in Thailand mainly. While hoping that if the situation is normal, it will be able to accommodate foreign tourists as before

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For Ms. Sammy Karolus, President of Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, “Since the first day of 2018 the hotel has opened its doors for guests and restaurant users. We always strive to deliver delicious, clean and quality food while creating a memorable experience for all of our guests. From that moment on, we must move towards adapting and coping with the present situation. We work hard to turn crises into opportunities, create new challenges and always develop different parts of the hotel. Until today, we have the opportunity to open a new travel page in food with our partner Khao Group, a Michelin 1-star restaurant, which is one of the hotel’s great pride in working together.

Khun Witawat Wipakul, Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate Business, Grande Asset Hotels and Property Public Company Limited, revealed that personally, he is a person who likes to eat Thai food. this Because I want Thai and foreign people to eat Thai food at Chef has selected the best ingredients. Along with the taste of food that indicates a culture that is passed down from generation to generation

As Khun Pradinan Akarachinoret, Executive Director of Khao Group, revealed that he has long loved and connected with Thai food and would like to share this feeling for Thai and foreign people to experience food that is full Thai culture

“I am pleased to create new partnerships and share my love of Thai food. And the relationship with Thai heritage through food has been expanded even further I would like to invite all of you to come and find happiness in small things that are simple but still retain the true value of Thai culture. Variety of flavors, flavors, touches, techniques and tastes That is still fully rice Presented by the skilled team of Market Café at the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit “

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The menu features a menu of traditional Thai dishes such as ‘Curry Ruan’ and ‘Chicken Curry Cone’. Authentic Thai dishes. ‘Pad Thai with River Prawn’, ‘Massaman Curry’, to new flavors that have been added only at Market Café by Khao, ‘Panang Stuffed Peppers’ and ‘Crab Satay’ to complete the experience of Thai food. Authentic taste and quality. Of simplicity, beauty and consistency both from ingredients and elaborate cooking techniques with Thai wisdom that has been passed down for a long time To get the taste of Thai food filled with love and happiness It is not different from food that is cooked within the family to surround and eat together Thai culture.

Market Café by Khao will be open from February 11, 2021 onwards, open daily from 6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Reservation in advance, call 02 098 1234 ext. 1346 or email at [email protected]




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