Market balance with final disappointments. The future of Calhanoglu and Donnarumma

National team break and time to take stock of the transfer market. AC Milan ended with no other signings: the final sprint was decidedly disappointing, with the frantic search for the center ended with nothing. The need to join the defense had also been publicly revealed by Mr. Pioli and Maldini: it is true that Romagnoli will now return, but if until the very last the management sought reinforcement, obviously it would have served the squad and therefore not having taken him fault. The positivity to Covid di Gabbia further highlights the gap. The aggravating circumstance is that with the sale of Paquetà and the 15 million for the arrival in the groups in the Europa League, the economic resources were there. The incomprehensible epilogue of the Bakayoko affair is also surprising: he has been at his word with Milan for months, and dropped at the most beautiful moment, precisely to a direct competitor in fourth place. In midfield the Frenchman would not have represented a necessity, but in the department if you play with two Krunic is an adapted, with all the difficulties of the case. The overall grade is 6, because Tonali has arrived and because Hauge can give satisfactions. Dalot will have to be checked, while Brahim Diaz looks like an alternative to Calhanoglu on the frontline, certainly better than Paqueta. Speaking of the Turkish, the dialogues with Stipic, his agent, are constant but at the moment the white smoke is not visible. The agent is a tough nut to crack and wants a significant increase compared to the current 2.5 million euros per season, also because, the theme that came out in the negotiation, the number 10 feels like a Champions level player and at Milan, to date, he has not succeeded still doing it. In a few months Calhanoglu could agree for free with another club, a scenario that would be ‘tragic’ from a sporting and economic point of view. This is why it is right to deal and try to file requests for employment, but in the end it will be better to satisfy him rather than give him up in January or say hello to zero in the summer. Having reached this point, however, is a mistake of the management because they handed over the knife from the handle side to the other party, making everything more difficult. Copy and paste for Donnarumma: if possible, given the current engagement of Gigio and the agent, the renewal procedure promises to be even more complicated. It will be hot and crucial weeks on both fronts: in just over 100 days they could sign for free for another team and Milan must avert this danger as soon as possible.

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