Mariska van Kolck in tears after Richard Groenendijk’s comment

Although the champagne is an integral part of the decor, Ranking the Stars according to the comedian behind the scenes no big drinking fest with one verbal fight after another as a result. He sets that Veronica Superguide. Although it ran once in his Rankingcareer got completely out of hand when he had an affair with Mariska van Kolck.

“The question was, ‘Who would you pour out your heartbreak to?’ And then I said: “Well, at least not with Mariska, because then it will be in the newspapers. You would still sell your children for ten minutes of airtime on Omroep Drenthe.” Well, that got so out of hand,” says the Rotterdammer.

Richard reveals in the guide that the shooting was even stopped for a while after Mariska went to the wings crying. “She couldn’t deal with that. Afterwards she also left immediately. She didn’t understand it, but afterwards I could explain to her that I didn’t really think she would sell her children for a little airtime.”

This season it’s up to Ferry Doedens, Patricia Paay, Qucee, Willie Wartaal, Victoria Koblenko, Maxim Hartman, Rapper Donnie, Frank Jansen, Edson da Graca, Dennis Schouten, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Esmee van Kampen, Tatum Dagelet, Shirma Rouse, Sylvia Geersen, Rob Geus, Henk Krol, Pauline Wingelaar, Nienke Plas, René le Blanc, Steven Brunswijk, and Gaby Blaaser to lure each other out of the tent.

In addition, this season also has two episodes with so-called Golden Oldies: slands of yesteryear who compete with each other and with loads of life experience, startling anecdotes and above all a lot of knowledge about each other, the rankingcomplete lists. These are the celebrities who can be seen in this: Ben Cramer, Henk Westbroek, Peter Timofeeff, Jacques Herb, Peter Jan Rens, Imca Marina, Ria Valk, Viola Holt, Marga Bult and Joke Bruijs.

Ranking The Stars can be seen weekly from Wednesday 27 October at 8.30 pm on RTL 5. Eddy Zoëy will take over the presentation baton from Paul de Leeuw this year. Last week Paul joined RTL Boulevard, next to Eddy:


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