Mariska Bauer is recovering well, Frans did help some laundry ‘to the brink’

Mariska Bauer was admitted again at the beginning of January, after she came home from the hospital. “It went wrong again,” says Frans Bauer. “She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She is now doing well. She is chatting again and even wants to do the ironing. I hope never to do this again.”

Mariska was hit by a cerebral infarction at the beginning of January. She was treated in the hospital in Roosendaal and then had to continue to recover at home.

On Monday evening Bauer gave a further explanation at RTL Boulevard. “The new year had just started. Mariska was not feeling well, she could no longer speak well. We noticed that her speech was deteriorating. We went to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital.”

thick tongue
“Her tongue grew thicker. It came on very slowly. But it could be anything.”

At that time, a proper diagnosis could not be made and the couple was sent home again. Once home it went wrong again. “She was home for a few days and then taken back to the hospital.”

The cause of the stroke is unknown. Frans says: “Mariska has had high blood pressure for a long time, but this can happen to anyone, even the healthiest people.”

Laundry basket
Now that his wife is in the infirmary, Frans is responsible for the household. And that’s not going very well. “I’ve already helped one laundry basket to the bottom. I had done the wrong laundry with the wrong colors,” he says with a laugh.

“Mariska is mobile again and you have to slow her down a bit. She immediately wants to start ironing and do other things again. She is also chatting a lot, so she is recovering very well. I have cooked every day and I think it is a privilege that I do that for can do to her,” said the singer from Fijnaart.

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