Mario Ponce to Ministers of the Interior and Housing: “This podium is to give a report, it is not to come to insult” | News from El Salvador

The holders of these State portfolios occupied the space in the plenary to criticize the previous governments and defend President Bukele and the Minister of Defense.

The space that the Minister of the Interior had, Mario Durán, was booed by the deputies, because the official took advantage of the main stage of the Blue Room to report on his first year in office and launch strong criticism of the legislators.

“Stop living like cicadas and stop singing El Salvador is written with blood or to continue forcing our people to conform to living in cardboard houses”, was one of the phrases launched by Durán.

Mario Ponce urged the ministers who come to report to the Blue Room to respect the functions of the Legislative Organ.

And Durán continued with his attacks on the FMLN, saying that when they governed they occupied the National Press “to print calendars with the face of former president Sánchez Cerén and party pamphlets for political proselytism.”

In the middle of his speech and given the continuity of this type of expression, some deputies rose from their seats and others booed Durán’s intervention.

At the end of his report, the President of the Assembly, Mario Ponce, of the PCN, urged public officials to abide by what the Constitution of the Republic mandates, which is to give a work report and not to “insult” the first State Organ.

“I want to ask the ministers and ministers that this podium is to give a report, it is not to come to insult, it is not to come to attack the Legislative Organ, we are and I want in some way, to thank the tolerance that this Body, in the sense of hearing insults, in the sense of coming and pointing out the deputies, the report as ordered by the Constitution must be a report according to the work carried out from June 1 to date ”, Ponce asked.

He added that “it is not worth occupying this podium that through a constitutional mandate comes and directly attacks those who make up this Body, respect wants respect and that is the only thing we ask of you, please help us, because all the calls that I have had on this phone asking me to speak to express himself and stop the report that in the end, in fact, I want to say it with the respect that the minister (of the Interior) deserves, he went over the line and in that we must be careful, this government needs officials respectful of the law that we create social peace not disharmony ”.

According to Ponce, with the attitudes shown by Durán, the conditions are provoked so that the country can end in a serious political conflict. “It only takes a spark for this country to catch fire, and this Body has been tolerant, it has endured everything thinking of maintaining social peace,” said Ponce.

Other deputies also expressed themselves through Twitter

“These cynical ministers, like Durán, come to the podium to justify themselves luridly and to campaign, to confront hiding their disabilities, irresponsibility and illegalities. We as the Assembly approve or disapprove her report, it is clearly evident that the note will not pass, ”published the FMLN faction leader, Nidia Díaz.

Díaz added that as deputies they are “constitutionally obliged to listen to insults, lies, misrepresentations, slander, threats from these cynical Bukele ministers and what they do the least is render transparent and truthful reports and accounts, they have nothing and are attributed the works of others”.

For his part, the ARENA deputy, Emilio Corea, expressed that Durán’s performance in the Assembly was regrettable, since he revealed his electoral aspirations, he said. The official is a candidate for mayor of San Salvador for the New Ideas party in the 2021 elections.

“The speech of the Minister of the Interior today in the Assembly confirms that the political campaign for 28-F has already begun; He confirms that the one who talks about eating the pear wants it. It was a work report, not a visceral speech from the stage, what said official had to offer, ”said Corea.

He added that it was “regrettable, reprehensible and reprehensible speech from the stage, partisan political speech of the Minister of the Interior, in his report on the work of the year in office in the Assembly. Mention in his speech, the political party he belongs to and with which he will seek the mayor’s office.



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