Mario Hart fears for the baby he is expecting with Korina Rivadeneira: “Lima is an infectious center of Covid-19 ″ | Instagram trends

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira were in Colán (Piura) experiencing their quarantine due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Through Instagram, the car driver told his followers that they have decided to return to Lima to prepare everything necessary for the birth of his first-born.

However, Mario was honest and said he was afraid to return to the capital, due to the large number of registered infected.

“We are sad because it is the last day, tomorrow (today) we return to Lima. Sad and happy. Happy because I’m going to see my mom, my children (pets) ”, express

“I return to my house but also concerned that Lima is an infectious center of COVID-19, so take care of yourself, but we are back”, Korina Rivadeneria’s husband added in his Instagram storie.

Weeks ago, the couple announced through their social networks that they were waiting anxiously and happily for the new family member.

“My twenty-thirteen arrive with great news… We will be parents! The happiness I feel knowing that an angel is on the way and finally being able to share this wonderful news with the whole world is indescribable ”, Mario Hart wrote in an Instagram post.


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