Marine: Liverpool’s mass team where Spurs wake them from their dreams.

Spurs attacked Marine, Division 8 to 5-0 in the FA Cup third round, it would not matter to many. Because it’s not the result of a flipping game like Jack the Giant Slayer.

However, on an unstoppable defeat, Marine had an impressive background and the club’s well-being with the local.

A small team on a river that is over 100 years old. How did this team build a team? Why haven’t they been promoted to professional leagues? You can follow here.

Ambitious in the way of marine

The extraordinary history of the Marine Club is a long time ago. Many have only heard their names for the first time in 2020 after qualifying for the last 3 or 64 teams in the FA Cup and drawing draws against the Premier League’s top team, Tottenham Hots. Perhaps, in fact, Marine founded the club in 1894, and they are now over 100 years old …

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Some clubs were born and had broad visions looking to greatness, but the Marine was a bit different as the team was formed by a group of former university students and a local businessman named Marie. That was inspired by the name of a hotel in the Mercy River area.

The Marine concept, like many small English clubs, is not without ambitions. But they formed this team as a community area. This is a club among the big clubs like Liverpool and Everton, as well as the younger Tranmere Rovers, so over the past 100 years, Marine has made it clear that They would like to be the second favorite team of fans in this city.

“Marine has been established for a long time. We have a very clear club structure. By holding the majority of the team’s shareholders The shareholders and the members are the fans of the team. “ Paul Leary, one of Marine’s chief executives, started talking about their club.

“We are all ready to give everything for this club. Live as a friend to the natural community and be friendly to every household here. ”

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The Marine membership system opens for registrations once a year before the season begins. Through the purchase of a club year ticket Anyone who buys the year for £ 150, he or she will have the right to vote on various guidelines at club meetings.

While tickets per game will sell for two prices, an adult ticket costs £ 10, while a child under 15 costs £ 5, while a child under 11 or an old boyfriend. You can visit for free without paying.

They are also open to other fans in Liverpool. Because any fan with a Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere year ticket will be able to buy a ticket for just £ 5.

“We are not without ambitions. But we never thought of spending a lot of money to buy or keep players on the team. What is really important is that we want all families to come here. They can come and see the whole family at the most comfortable ticket prices. “ Leary concluded.

Open your arms to everyone who loves football.

Marine has never been a great champion. Without any success at the national level. There is only happiness in the community that the fans of the team can touch … watching Marine play at the stadium is like a visit. Have spent to support grassroots business Meet familiar people On the day the # 1 love team did not compete

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Neil Felton, Liverpool fans An ex-Liverpool fan who has become a fan of the current Marine cheerleaders say he found some truth … Liverpool are great. But it’s too mass And that finesse That made him more and more difficult to get to the core of the club

Felton said he was bored of queuing for tickets to Liverpool that cost £ 140-180 (£ 6-7 thousand) because of his many children in the home. And have to take their children to look at the field Waste too much money And even more than buying tickets is to queue up That sometimes waited in line for hours

“I remember that day, I took the boys to the Liverpool v Oldham game in 2014, we reached Anfield. And have to queue for hours When it was my turn to buy, they said that the child tickets were sold out. Only an adult ticket At that time I felt it was not my way. “ Felton started talking before he found the closest team Marine to cheer and watch every match played at home.

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“At least I have a lot of money left to buy tickets. I understand and know many families who have been watching games at Anfield for decades. But now they are starting to have problems. Unable to raise his kids as Liverpool fans. We have no right to see the field. And it takes a weekend to watch the game on the TV screen … that’s pretty sad. “ Felton continued.

“I respect everyone’s point of view. But for me who grew up with the Anfield lights I feel that for a long time They keep pushing local fans further and further, but at Marine it is something different. This club gives a lot of heart to its fans. They run by holding fans as the number 1 they want everyone to come and watch on the pitch. Which in addition to the fun What it brings is an invaluable social experience. ”

“Today’s survival in Marine Division is even more impressive to me than the night in Istanbul in 2005.” Felton said to The Guardian.

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What Felton talks about seems to fit him … Marine Club has a lot of regular fans. Regardless of whether those fans like them as the primary or secondary teams. The capacity of their home stadium can hold between 400-500 people and there are fans who regularly attend home games at full capacity. That must be considered quite a bit for teams playing in the 8th division of the country.

In homework and have strong ties in the community There are so many cute things going on in this Marine team, such as the back yard of the goal that is adjacent to that man’s house. There will be a house number placard to let the club staff know that If the ball goes over the fence, it will have to follow the night ball to where the number is, Like to find something different. They came to build their own empire in Marine’s yard, some came secretly to eat beer or smoke. According to the teenage age try In addition, after each game is over, if the Marine is the winner. The best players are given a beer as a gift from the fans, and finally after the game, Marine fans will have a drink with the team’s players. Most of them are semi-professional football groups in local bars.

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It is this homework that both regular and regular fans feel that Marine is an approachable team, and this homecoming has made many of them turning their minds over to the stadium rather than watching Marine. Broadcast live in the Premier League via TV

The year everyone knew marine

A grassroots team or below a professional league 4 like Marine will have to play a lot of qualifying games. Than to come to the round where there is a chance to meet with the big teams in the professional league In order to face Spurs in the third round, Marine had to play 7 games since the Preliminary Round, which was five qualifying rounds and two main draws.

The Marine vs Spurs game is the highest-ranked 167-place game in 150 years of the FA Cup.

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“We plan every game fully. Until you reach this point We have to win seven different rivals. In the next game we will see Jose Mourinho come to Marine’s dressing room.

In early 2020, Marine received £ 83,000 from a Football Stadium Improvement Fund. Which they voted The proceeds will be used to build the office of the team office. Usually they would rather have a chat at the bar. Including opening a snack bar, selling snacks, selling beer to fans who come to watch the game

It’s like a worthy creation. Because after building an office finished They met Spurs and became the front-one across England, the small-team Marine from Liverpool was widely discussed for the first time.

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher is now Sky Sports host and is a native Merseyside native. Come and visit Marine’s home ground before the match and tell the story of what happened at the club. By on the day of recording that program The cheerleader of the team is very proud. For the office of the team that has welcomed the famous ex. Including European teams like Spurs

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Carragher is here to help, as Marine originally planned to sell tickets to a game against Spurs and was supposed to get around £ 100,000, but everything fell apart. When the lock down is announced, the field is closed. Prohibit football fans from watching the game. With the former Liverpool star to solve the problem By helping to sell virtual tickets or a £ 10 Virtual Ticket to spectators who are unable to watch the game on the pitch. Can watch the game exclusive. Both the competition and the background Both live and past Via the Internet instead

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Carrager’s push and the media brought Spurs fans together, helping to buy 30,000 Virtual Tickets to generate more than £ 100,000 in post-paid revenue. Give his foundation Become a sponsor in a warm-up set before entering this historic game as well.

In the end No miracle happened, Spurs attacked Marine 5-0, but everything happened. In addition to the results of the competition This is the greatest marine club game ever.

Photo : Tottenham Hotspur

“I understand that everyone has a dream. And a lot of people in the Marine team would want to go on the pitch to beat us. Which is our duty to win And awaken them to the real world Jose Mourinho expressed his professionalism before the game began. And he gave his team a real force to put on the real Marine following the threat.

As of now, Marine’s players and fans are no longer interested. They know that being able to have fun with a small team in those big times. It makes sense to what football game means to them. Even if you have to wake up from your dream Coming to the real world, as Mourinho said, they willingly accepted it.

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“It’s a good time for all of us. Throughout our lives we watch football through live broadcasts just like any regular football fan. Sometimes we accidentally think What if we were to compete with those players? Now we can fight until this point. No matter what the result will be We will definitely keep every second in our memories. ” Naol Cummins, a Marine striker with a primary career as a high school teacher. Say with meaning

Games played at 5:00 PM local time. On Sunday, January 10, footage of the live broadcast showed Marine fans at the fence of the club house. They raised the wine to drink. Stick to the ring side game tracking window. No different from visiting the amphitheater Heard a yell, and many global players with an eye to see José Mourinho, Grant Raith Campbell and Harry Kane had seen it on television … This is a great atmosphere at Purdue. The effect that any Marine fans can find.


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