Marina del Pilar will provide universal support to people with disabilities in Baja California

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, appeared on the last day of “Con el Corazón por Alante” held in the Mariano Matamoros neighborhood, which had more than 5 thousand people, in order to reiterate its commitment to support communities in vulnerable situations, such as people with disabilities.

Therefore, and in common agreement with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will present to the Congress of Baja California an initiative to give universal support to people with disabilities in the state.

It is an action that is in accordance with the social policies championed by the Fourth Transformation, in which priority has been given to those who have the least, which has represented an authentic social demand.

He added that social spending for 2022, proposed to Congress, also includes an unprecedented investment in infrastructure, and that it is a budget project of 62 thousand 878 million pesos, which among other things represents a historical boost to the support that people with disabilities receive.

During the “Day with the Heart Ahead” carried out in the East Zone as it is a priority area for the state administration, the president pointed out that, in addition to privileging gender issues, people with disabilities, the elderly, indigenous peoples and Young people, four billion pesos in high-impact works are planned for the following year in all the municipalities of Baja California.

The state president sent to the deputies that make up the State Congress the Bill of Income and Expenditure Budget 2022, whose axes are the increase in financial autonomy, the boost to investment due to the multiplier effect on tax revenues, a effective budget control, and restructuring processes in the water utilities and the ISSSTECALI.

It is important to note that the creation of one hundred new positions for police officers is also proposed, this as a result of the new citizen security policy with the birth of the new Secretariat.

The financial package proposed by Governor Marina del Pilar, through the State Finance Secretariat, is based on a strategy that allows the normalization of the performance of public finances, with the objective of achieving a budget balance for the first time in many years.

This Bill of Income and Expenditure Budget is part of a multi-year financial plan 2022-2027, which in the next year proposes the beginning of the correction of the State’s public finances, to eliminate the inertial behavior that has caused a strong increase in liabilities during the last decade.

Additionally, he reiterated his commitment to approach the 2021 budget with a social sense.


Subsequently, Governor Marina del Pilar participated in the inauguration of the Oncocrean Center at the facilities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which was attended by the General Director of the organization, Zoé Robledo Aburto.

It is a space that will attend to minors with cancer, provided in an important way to other health institutions, directly benefiting pediatric oncology patients.

Marina del Pilar recognized the work of the Director General of the IMSS and the willingness of the institution to support Baja Californians.

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