Marieta Orozco: From Winning the Goya to Returning to Acting

In 1999, Marieta Orozco won the Goya for Best New Actress for her role as Susi, the suburban girl who fell in love with an entire generation in Barrio (1998), the film directed by a young Fernando León de Aranoa. He was 21 years old and had just started his career in the world of cinema. His debut had come seven years earlier with a small role alongside Carmen Maura and Rosario Flores in Scrap (1991) and the news of her nomination and victory were totally unexpected for her. After that recognition, the Barcelona actress chained some works in films such as Krampack (2000), by Cesc Gay; Paul and his brother (2001); defrost (2003); The triumph (2006) o Lies and fats (2009), but always with supporting roles.

During those years, Orozco lived halfway between Madrid and Ibiza, an island that she fell in love with when, as a child, she accompanied her father who worked as a photographer at the Pachá nightclub. Hooked on its nature and its beaches, ended up settling there for eight yearsa time during which he began to separate himself from the film industry and environment. The birth of their first and only child in 2010 he also changed his priorities and, little by little, he began to disappear from the scene.

A risky actress

In 2018 and after two decades of her time in the capital, the winner of a Goya decided to return to the city where she was born as an actress. A decision that she brought, almost immediately, his first role on the tables of a theater thanks to the work the pilarcita, which could be seen at Lara for two seasons. Two years later, she repeated it again in another work entitled Call methe debut as a playwright by Antonio Hortelano, best known for his role as Quimi in the legendary 90s series Companions. Precisely, the theatrical piece addressed in the form of a comedy the survival of two actresses in low hours who raise their voices to tell us about the difficulties they have to face in their day to day.

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His fleeting and unknown passage through Tell me how it happened

Throughout her career, Marieta Orozco has also played various roles on television, in series such as Raquel is looking for her site or Mujeres. But what could have been her great television participation came to nothing. It happened when the series Tell me how it happened He lost Irene Visedo, the actress who played Inés Alcántara. The series considered replacing her with Orozco, but in the end her step was almost imperceptible.

The actress participated in one of the episodes of the tenth season playing said character, although her face remained covered and she was not recognized. In an interview, Orozco explained that they called her because they were thinking about the possibility of her returning to her character, since at that time Visedo did not want to participate in it. But the experience was not “weird” because she never saw her face.

actress Marieta Orozco

Last projects

At the end of last year, this “risk actress“, as it is called in its social networks, hung a post With it, he reminded his followers that he has never abandoned his vocation for cinema, betting on new projects and recovering Miquel Folch, who was his first representative in the industry. At the moment, we know that he has played a small role in a Dutch film called Paradise Drifters (2020) and that he continues to try his luck with casting.

He will never forget that Goya

Awards are always important, but the success of an actor’s career doesn’t always rely on them. Marieta Orozco knows this very well. She is not the only one. She has won the Goya for Best New Actor or Actress on numerous occasions, one of the most desired awards for those who debut in the industry, but they say there is a call “curse” for which many of those who have received it have not returned to participate in major projects or, directly, have not made films again. For Orozco, his acting recognition in Barrio It was a springboard for his career, however, succeeding in the industry is something much more complex. However, that experience will always remain the memory of the actress. The movie Barriocan also be seen in the open catalog of RTVE Play.

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