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Marieke Elsinga wants to return to the morning show of Qmusic on Monday 30 May. Together with Mattie Valk she will be making radio again after more than a month of rest. Two weeks ago, the television and radio maker already told her that she was doing a lot better, but she did not want to return completely.

Elsinga will still take every Wednesday off for the coming period. She has not yet said how long she will continue to do so.

The radio maker already returned to RTL Boulevard, where she is a presenter. A week earlier she started recording a new program.

“If it stumbles there and it goes wrong, it’s not with you, but with RTL. But it was great fun,” Elsinga told her colleague Valk.

‘Step on the brakes for a while’

The presenter announced in April that she would temporarily stop with her television and radio work. “I often get the question: how do you keep it up, that you make radio and television? My answer is always: I just think it’s the best thing to do. It gives me a lot of energy.”

“But lately I’ve noticed that it costs me energy. And that’s why I decided to step on the brakes for a while, so that in two years I can still say that I enjoy doing this the most. That’s why I’m going to not making radio for a while,” said Elsinga at the time.

In recent weeks, Elsinga has not listened to the morning show. “I thought it would be better to get away for a while.”

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