Marie Poledňáková: A stroke imprisoned her! Neither do the neighbors!

Director and screenwriter Marie Poledňáková is a famous author of several important Czech films, but she will probably never make new films again. After a severe stroke, it is still bad.

Poledňáková is behind the hits like I enjoy the world with you or How to rip a whale’s chair and How to get my dad to the reformatory.

But due to a severe stroke, he probably won’t write any scenarios anymore. In 2016, she suffered a stroke. And little is known about her true health.

“We’ve only seen her a few times since Mrs. Poledňáková collapsed. And not at all for the last two years,” she said. server Aha a resident of Nebušice.

The famous filmmaker is taken care of by his son Petr, who lives in a house with his mother. She was partially paralyzed after the stroke. And according to the locals, he takes great care of her.

But it probably doesn’t work out. He reportedly spends most of his time in his room or moving around the house upstairs.

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