Mariano Peluffo: “Things work out better for me when I show myself as I am” | Leads “What a morning!” in the nine

There are television mornings that are pure information, with hot news marking the minute by minute. there are also more relaxed, with the world of entertainment and gossip as the central focus. There are others that are presented as a space fundamentally for services for the community, in all its age, economic and cultural ranges. There are pure recipes, kitchens and gastronomic preparations of all tastes and colors. and there is also What a morning! the El Nueve program that for years gather all those ingredients to its television offer, Monday to Friday at 10. A cycle that a few weeks ago brought an old acquaintance from the small screen back to open TV, with the incorporation of Mariano Peluffo as conductor. An old-fashioned entertainer who slipped through so much media noise.

On a television that plays permanent impact his favorite style, in which generating the alertness and tension of viewers with any theme became an extended search through cycles and channels, What a morning! bet on the warmth and kindness de Peluffo, a host with a long television career and who always chose run from the shrillness increasingly common in the medium. The arrival at El Nueve of the former driver of Argentinian talent, Masterchef y Triumph operation occurred unexpectedly, before the abrupt death of Guillermo Calabrese, that left the morning cycle without an entertainer from one day to the next.

“We had been chatting with the channel since last year to do something, but we couldn’t find the format and on top of that the World Cup and this year the elections didn’t help, because they are always two things that condition much to TV,” Peluffo tells Page 12, about how he came to only air channel in which he had not worked. “We were talking about starting something in the second half of the year and the Cala thing just happened, unexpected and painful for all. After a few days they asked me to host the program, since John Ferrara -who is part of the team- had several commitments assumed by his federal profile that prevented him from taking charge every day of What a morning! And for me it was an honor the proposal, because it was also the first time that the cycle was not led by a cook. And I think it was a good decision because Cala is irreplaceable”admits the driver, who returned to TV after leading speakersthe contest for women soccer reporters that in 2021 was broadcast on Public TV.

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-The fact of not being a cook made you take the weight of having to replace Calabrese?

-I have the impunity of not being a cook, of being able to surround myself with cooks who have experience in their field and I can do something else. If I start cooking, no one expects my dish to be perfect. My contribution goes elsewhere. At a time when TV, for reasons of reality, has become quite raw with the issues, What a morning! seeks to be something else. The program was always a great option and today it continues to be even more so. From my place I try to put a little more humor to be a little more fun, more playful. It is a world that often celebrates when someone crashes. The program has a marked course, a way of being that It is not maneuvering minute by minute. This is an advantage, even when something very current happens and we measure less, because people go looking for the news.

-Either way, What a morning! it is not a bubble, but it provides information, although it does not do so permanently.

-We are not part of flickering graph that immediately makes you tense. We are out of that brand of cable news channels. Those who want to be uploaded to the information all the time tune in to a news signal and that’s it. We play to be an alternative to more journalistic proposals. And the truth is that many today appreciate it, where things are so complicated, so difficult, where post pandemic He left a lot of questions that at some point will be topics for analysis in people’s heads. There is news that never ceases to amaze with its violence. A fun, good-cooking program, where you see that those who cook do it with joy, that there are no quirks, that it brings you recipes to make with little money or with what you have, and that if you can’t replace it with such or which product, it’s good… What a morning! It is a service program but good vibes. It gives us a lot when we have the mobile in the Central Market, or reports in which we show everything that four families can buy if each one puts in 5 lucas and they go by car to the Central Market. People appreciate it.

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-Did you cultivate a profile of a driver of the plain, close to the most popular citizens?

-After so many years, almost 30 years now, I ended up understanding that I do things better when I show myself as I am. In 1994 I started as a producer of cablin, which was my first job on TV. But I studied Economics absolutely governed by a family mandate, where everyone is an accountant, but without any kind of passion or vocation. At 23 years old I was able to turn the wheel and break with the family accounting firm that was waiting for me when I received it, because I found something that I liked, that I was passionate about. That’s why I have to do it happy and I have to enjoy it. In fact, a couple of years ago I realized that I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. more for personal than work reasons, I was in a lot of pain and my health would have neglected me, and I left TV. I took refuge in the radio (he drives every afternoon Sarasa on the 100). I am lucky to be able to choose what to do, to be able to say no.

-You hosted different programs and genres, what wouldn’t you do today?

-I have the privilege to be able to say no For years I had to do things to pay the bills. I believe that everyone in life has one thing that we know we can do more or less well, regardless of whether people like it or not. In What a morning! I feel comfortable. I don’t feel like a fly in a soup. I don’t know if I wanted to be on a newscast, where they go from one piece of news to another, non-stop. It’s tremendous. All the songs would stick to me.

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-Did you ever get “lost” at some point in your career, blinded by the massive audiences of the popular cycles you led?

I think it didn’t happen to me. I still live in my neighborhood, at this moment I am returning from the radio in my mother’s car because I took my truck to the workshop. I I try never to take my feet off that place, not to lose that parameter. The truth is that my life today is very similar to that of 15 or 20 years ago, with the difference that years have passed, in which luckily life has gone well for me. But it is not that now I am going to walk through the holes of my golf course. I am aware that our income is better than the average for Argentines, but also that ours is today and tomorrow we don’t know With few exceptions, we have a short professional life, like that of footballers.

The team in the studio

Mariano Peluffo is not alone in charge of What a morning! The driver accompanies him a large team of professionals many of which rotate each day based on satisfying the search for the cycle. Daily, the cycle features the work of Agustina Díaz (current news), Maia Chacra (Little big news and technology), Daniel Gómez Rinaldi (shows) and Bárbara Casen (announcer). Andrea Purita (Nutrition), Dr. Romero (animail world), Dr. Alberto Cormillot and Alejandro Gardinetti (humor) are also part of the cycle.

Unlike other programs, What a morning! It has a team of chefs who rotate every day, such as Juan Ferarra, Karina Gao, Guillermo Busquiazo, Agos Chinelli and Alejandra Temporini. “Have a team of cooks each one with a different profile, such as Ale Temporini, which is the number one in gluten-free cooking, or Karina Gao, who is very strong in the networks”, emphasizes Peluffo.

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