Mariana Popova threatened to stop singing! See the reason

Mariana Popova intends to put her music career in the background. The singer has ridden the broom again and says she no longer wants to record songs.

“I almost stopped singing. I will not pretend to be hypocritical. There is not much time left for creativity “, shares Veselin Plachkov’s partner. She adds that she is currently more interested in interior design. “It’s more inspiring to me. I’m tired of the whole offensive about singing and vanity,” Popova concluded.

At one time, the singer was so disappointed with her native music business that she even wanted to emigrate abroad with her husband, but she seems to have given up on the idea. According to her colleagues, the reason is that the media are less and less likely to play Bulgarian music, and the participation of the singer for 2 years is a corner.

“I just hope he doesn’t think twice,” the guild joked. It is publicly known that Popova has always been among the most unloved because of her conflicted nature and the eternal claims of a star, writes Weekend.


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