Marian Valev for the photos of “South Wind”: Almost every day we drank two brandies with Zahari – ᐉ News from – Curious

Actors Marian Valev and Zahari Baharov take part in the shooting of the hit film “South Wind”. It turned out that the native movie stars shot in extremely difficult conditions, from which they were defeated.

Baharov and Valev drank homemade brandy during the breaks on the stages to warm up at least a little, writes Blitz Show. The actors filmed at extremely low temperatures, and Valev even has a serious problem as a result.

Valev plays the villain Chavdari, and Baharov plays Kiril. “Almost every day we drank two brandies with Zachary before dinner,” says Hook from “Undercover”.

He complained that after one of the photos his back froze. “For one of the scenes I ran 20 to 30 times and sweated a lot. Since we were shooting at night, in the woods, the cold air pierced me and my back froze. Fortunately, it passed quickly,” said the actor.

He revealed a curious detail that his roots are Serbian and he is very proud of that fact. “My grandfather was born in Nis and lived there for many years. He later emigrated to Bulgaria, where he started a family and settled. So my blood is partly Serbian. From the moment I came to Serbia, I felt at home. “I understand the Serbian language a lot, but I don’t speak it well,” Valev said.


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