Marhaenis Demo of Defending Bung Karno in Yogya, HTI’s Keranda is Destroyed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The action is called Dignity Bung Karno as an excavator of the Pancasila and unifying the nation was held at the Zero Point Km, Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Monday (6/29). The action initiated by the Marhaenis National Element was colored by the destruction of the coffin symbol that reads Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia.

Secretary of the DIY Marhaenis Youth Front, Antonius Fokki Ardiyanto said the action of the coffin destruction was a symbol that the Marhaenis nationalist power was ready to confront any other ideology or ideology.

“One of them is the khilafah which will replace the foundation of the Pancasila State,” Fokki said at the demonstration location.

Defending the Dignity of Bung Karno as a Pancasila Digger and Unifying the Nation by Marhaenis Nationalist Elements in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Monday (29/6). (CNN Indonesia / Sut)

However, Fokki denied that the action was a form of retaliation for the burning of his party’s flag by a group of demonstrators who rejected the HIP bill in Jakarta recently.

“That (burning flags) is a matter for PDI Perjuangan. We are here more concern to the dignity and Bung Karno as founding Father, “said Fokki, who is also a PDIP cadre.

According to him, this action was deliberately held because recently there was a group of people who deliberately propagandized that the trisila and ekasila included in the HIP Bill as a revival of the PKI or communism.

Fokki suspected that this communist issue was deliberately reproduced in the interest of power. He regretted the PKI’s accusation against Bung Karno which incidentally was founding father this nation.

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In this action they also delivered a five-point statement of attitude. Among other things, it was emphasized that Trisila and Ekasila were a unity in the process of the birth of Pancasila.

In addition, they also fully support the police who take strict legal action against individuals and groups who violate applicable laws in Indonesia.

(sut / ain)

[Gambas:Video CNN]


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