Margriet van der Linden starts new season M with 1.06 million viewers | NOW

1.06 million people watched the return of Monday night M, the daily talk show by Margriet van der Linden. Sven Kockelmann, among others, were the finalists at the table Who is the mole? and Girl Louise.

Van der Linden’s talk show is on the same level as Eve a week earlier: 1.05 million people watched the Monday broadcast of that program.

Also Chateau Meiland was at a normal level with 1.38 million viewers. Just like it stayed a week earlier Buy without looking just behind with 1.26 million viewers.

It is the most viewed program of the Monday evening NOS News from 8 p.m., to which 2.38 million people tuned in the television. Also the RTL News 7.30 pm scored well: 1.6 million people saw that broadcast.


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