Marenis, who played in the World Cup, leaves the Latvian Championship to go to the third league of Sweden – Hockey –

Yesterday “Mogo / LSPA” defeated “Prizmu / IHS” convincingly 6-0 in their field, but Rihards Marenis did not go on the field. He stood out with two passes in the first two matches of the season, but will no longer play in the Latvian championship – the 27-year-old striker has gone to Sweden. He has become the fourth Latvian to join the third league team – also defender Alberts Iliško, as well as strikers David Sarkanis and Georgs Golovkovs.

Marenis joined Kiruna, becoming the team’s senior hockey player. He withdrew the title to Slovak goalkeeper Pavel Krajchovich, and the unit’s sports director Henrik Terme has expressed hope that Marenis will be the team leader. The announcement about the Latvian’s accession especially highlights his experience – it is indicated that Marenis has played 69 games in the world‘s second strongest league KHL during two seasons and that he was part of the Latvian national team in the world championship.

The striker went to the 2019 World Cup. Although he was not in the starting line-up at the beginning, Marenis made it to the end of the tournament with two goals. Getting into Riga’s Dinamo was not easy either. 2018/19. He started the season in the Latvian championship, scoring four goals in seven games, until he received a call from Ģirts Ankipāns.

Now Marenis has joined “Kiruna”, which cannot be considered a third league favorite. In the first stage of last season, nine victories were won in 18 games, but in the second stage only four victories in 18 matches. The unit has one player with one match experience in the best league in Sweden and three hockey players who have played in the second league, but only six games have been collected in total.

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