Marek Isański will appeal. He argues that they are recognized his case in a damages case


In 2013, Marek Isański brought an action for damages.

The case in the court of first instance ended in June this year. The court considered that no compensation to Marek Isański was due, as his claim was time-barred.

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After getting acquainted with the written justification of the verdict, new forces joined the businessman. In an interview with “Puls Biznesu” he argues that although the judgment is unfavorable for him, the justification shows, however, that he has every reason to apply for compensation.

– The findings of the court contained in the written justification confirm the facts presented by me, and the construction and its content give grounds to claim that the court was preparing to issue a substantive decision regarding compensation. Reading the justification presents me and my company in a favorable light and confirms my arguments and my lawyers – he noted in an interview with “PB”.

In his view, reading the statement of reasons does not in any way justify the dismissal of the claim in connection with the statute of limitations. He announced that he would appeal against the sentence.

The businessman has a grief for justice

After the court verdict in June, Marek Isański did not hide his disappointment.

– It is amazing that for six years the court conducted the proceedings, appointed experts for financial valuations and estimating the value of my company, and finally stated that the claim is barred. After all, if it were really statute of limitations, then the court could quickly state it and issue such a judgment immediately, at the very beginning of the trial. Why was it leading him for six years, appointing experts several times, for whose opinions I have to pay? This process costs me about PLN 0.5 million – he said in an interview with “PB”.

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