Marcelo Longobardi, against the decree that prohibits family gatherings: “It is unacceptable that he cannot see a son”

This Monday, a measure that the government decided to implement for the new stage of the quarantine that started was made official: the ban on social and family gatherings across the country due to the increase in infections of coronavirus. And it generated a strong controversy. Marcelo Longobardi made it clear on his radio show that he thinks “unacceptable” and “a nonsense” .

“Having entered the fifth month of quarantine, since it started on March 19 last and with relative success in some areas in Argentina, a decree by President Fern├índez is known that establishes unacceptable regulations on the level of individual freedom“, began the journalist in his program” Every morning “, from Radio Miter.

In that decision, he clarified that he agrees to put a brake on large social gatherings, but warned that he is totally against restricting freedoms in terms of family relations. “Establish the prohibition with prison sentence to go see a child, it seems to me that we entered a zone that no “, assured.

The driver referred to the issue in various sections of his program and added that this decree “which prohibits meetings of all kinds in the country and basic, elementary and minimal issues such as someone entering a house,” is actually “a folly”. And he warned that “obviously” he is not going to fulfill it regarding the link with his family.

“You cannot obey an order of this nature because it is wrong.Since when are these people going to regulate the relationship of parents with their children for half a year? Please! “, He expressed.” In my case, I really tell you, I am very sorry: the decree does not apply, “he remarked.

In his words, the 26-page decree “is as illegible as incomprehensible and incomprehensible “.

“That a decree regulates what happens inside people’s houses, whatever the number of people, is unacceptable. With me do not count, I warn you in advance. That a family cannot receive a family or a family unable to receive a child after four months of quarantine, it is unacceptable. It is crazy. They would have to do as in China, where they soldered the door to people with the virus, “she said.

Longobardi, in addition, said that this measure enters “a lost area that is related to the other two themes of the day: the economy and Justice.”

“Today we are on the verge of default. This would be to ruin the lives of private companies in order to survive. A year ago President Alberto Fern├índez already knew that he was going to be president, did he not analyze that this could happen? “He asked himself.

And he also criticized the attacks on Justice, with the project presented by the President: “We are facing a judicial reform that it will end badly because it started badly. When things that start badly end badly, radicalization as a mechanism starts there. “

“The presence of Dr. Carlos Beraldi in court -a lawyer who defends Cristina Kirchner in various criminal cases-, ends up showing that everything is a rather unfortunate spectacle. We are already in trouble with the field, now also with justice. What is missing? The press“he concluded.

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