Marcelina Zawadzka eloquently comments on her situation on TVP

Marcelina Zawadzka for several years she was associated with Polish Television. The former miss appeared in the most popular station formats, incl. “The Voice of Poland” whether “A question for breakfast“where she was the host. The celebrity did a great job in front of the camera and could count on the sympathy of the audience. It would seem that she does not have to worry about her position on the air. As it turns out, the latest events in her life complicated the situation a bit. Let us recall that Marcelina Zawadzka is accused of financial swindles, which had a strong impact on her image and position on TVP.

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Marcelina Zawadzka comments on the TVP case

It is already known that Marcelina Zawadzka will not appear in the latest edition of “The Voice of Poland”, where she will be replaced by Ma³gorzata Tomaszewska. Nothing is known about her position in “Breakfast Question” yet. It was not explicitly stated that the model was leaving, but for some time she has not appeared on the air, and in the backstage it is speculated that TVP authorities are already looking for someone new.

Marcelina Zawadzka did not comment on the whole affair for a long time, but in the latest InstaStory she tried to make an original comment. In the picture we can see a poster of the movie “Something ends, something begins”.

I just wanted to go to the movies after such a long time … and they only played this – coincidence? – asks Zawadzka.

Marcelina Zawadzka [email protected]_zawadzka

Is everything already done and Marcelina Zawadzka said goodbye to the audience for good?

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Marcelina Zawadzka on layoffs in “The Breakfast Question”

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