Marc Seguin wasteland: Sustainable and Innovative Residential Project for a Thriving District

Located in the northeast of the municipal territory, formerly occupied by economic activities incompatible with the neighboring housing sectors, the project site is positioned at the entrance to the city. It constitutes an urban pivot towards the Old Center, via rue de Paris, and the Technopôle du Madrillet, via rue Coquelicots and rue Grimau.

The project aims to promote the economical and sustainable use of land, thanks to the recycling of old rights-of-way of disused activities, and to constitute a district with predominant use of habitat, not excluding small activities compatible with a sustainable environment. house anchored in the historical context of the old center of the city.

The predominantly residential vocation of the Seguin sector is favored by the positioning of the site within the municipal territory (urban crossroads), the proximity of the services and tertiary activities of the Saint-Yon sector (less than 500 m), a good service by public transport (bus lines: F6, 42, near the F3; railway stop) and many employment areas which help to limit commuting.

In terms of the road network, structuring axes of mobility allow quick access to the center of the agglomeration (rue de Paris) and to major infrastructures (Rocade Sud, A13) as well as to employment areas such as the Technopôle du Madrillet (axis of avenues Coquelicots, Grimau, Newton).

The isochronous map including the travel times of 1⁄4 hour on foot, allows you to visualize the Seguin sector in the City and its good service by sports, cultural, educational and commercial facilities.

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The City has also initiated a participatory approach in the Seguin sector by involving the inhabitants of the district in the reflection within the framework of an “Urban Citizen Workshop”.

Today, the site hosts a first delivered phase of 56 housing units (14 townhouses for home ownership and 42 social rental units divided into 2 collective buildings).

Purpose of the call for projects

The call for projects concerns the land transfer of the Marc Seguin wasteland, with an area of ​​just under 2 hectares, for the realization of a predominantly residential project.

It aims to select a multidisciplinary team that will define and carry out a housing program, which may include small diversified activities, with a view to completing the Marc Seguin district.

The future project must take up the challenge of ecological transition for all, from design (materials, bioclimatism, energy, etc.) to occupation (modularity, pooling, level of charges and maintenance, etc.), without forgetting the phase site (noise, waste, resources, pollution, etc.).

Creative proposals in terms of urban reconquest on former disused economic wasteland will be formulated in terms of housing and may possibly offer a functional mix integrating non-harming, economic, cultural or equipment activities.

Innovative solutions are expected on financial arrangements or housing products promoting the long-term installation of households, with a view to generational diversity and access to controlled costs.

The proposals must also establish a link to the city from soft mobility linking and reinforcing the landscape fabric.

The selected team will be in charge of landscaping (roads, etc.) and construction.

The land will be sold as is. Nevertheless, depending on the financial balance of the operation, the depollution and deconstruction work may be carried out by EPF Normandie, in accordance with the procedures specified below in the document.

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See the call for projects

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