Marc Noppen (UZ Brussel): “Youngest patient in intensive care …

Marc Noppen


At UZ Brussel, which is currently in need of a lot of new patients with the corona virus, a 4-year-old child with corona is in the intensive care unit. CEO Marc Noppen said this on Thursday evening in ‘De Afspraak’ on Canvas.

“We have patients of all ages,” said Noppen. “It is not only dangerous for the elderly. That is why we regularly invite young people to our departments. If you can see with your own eyes what it is like to be on a ventilator, you know that you have to pay attention. ”

It is not the first time that a very young child ends up in intensive care after being infected with Covid-19: at the end of July, a three-year-old girl from Brussels died in the Saint-Luc hospital in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. That girl already suffered from the severe muscle disease SMA or spinal muscle atrophy. And at the very beginning of the pandemic in our country, a twelve-year-old girl from Ghent died from the consequences of an infection with the corona virus.

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