Marathón triumphs at Micheletti and complicates Honduras Progreso

El Progreso, Honduras.

Marathón added his second consecutive victory, won by Honduras 1-2 Progress and remained unbeaten on the fifth day of the 2020 Closing Tournament of the SalvaVida League, at the Humberto Micheletti stadium.

It was a game with different realities: the progressives struggled to leave the basement in the general table to escape the descent and the purslane to get into the fight of the first places.


Thus, the game began and at the first minute the local team scored a club goal. Corner kick that Yaudel Lahera connected, covered Denovan Torres in a great way, the ball was loose in the small area and after a series of carambolas, the Colombian Rafael Agámez came to push the ball with all his strength to debut as a scorer in football Honduran

Marathón took control of the game and recovered from that bucket of cold water to tie the score at 11. Kervin Arriaga hung the ball to the rival area, there Esteban Espíndola lowered it and took a right that surpassed goalkeeper Jordy Castro. Argentine great goal!

The Green Monster continued its siege and had several opportunities to score in the first part. Carlos Discua took a free kick, header from Marlon Ramírez and spectacular save from Jordy Castro, minute 18.

In 34, another dangerous arrival of the sampedranos. Bruno Volpi sent the center from the right and Edwin Solani nodded just to the side of the riverside goal.

In 41, the Marathon was lost again. Once again, when the ball was stopped, Discua sent the corner kick, Bruno Volpi’s header, saved Castro and Espíndola’s rebound was lost on the plate, which he missed under the goal, he was horrible.

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When the teams were getting ready to go to rest, the second goal of Héctor Vargas finally fell. The play was the same, corner, this time by Mario Martinez, and Edwin Solani headed the local goalkeeper.


Marathón continued to dominate in the second half, Jordy Castro saved his goal after a left-handed “Chino” Discua in 49.

Honduras Progreso approached with a free kick from Edder Delgado, the ball touched Denovan’s left vertical, at 55.

The Héctor Castellón team stayed with one less man for the expulsion of Rafael Agámez when he saw the second yellow card for a foul in attack.

Despite being numerically disadvantaged, Honduras ended up overtaking the Marathon, but did not adjust the time and accumulated its second defeat of the championship. Follow last in the general table that marks the descent.


HONDURAS PROGRESS: Jordy Castro, Dylan Andrade, Arnaldo Urbina, Jeisson Palacios, Samuel Lucas (Franklyn Morales, min. 56), Juan Delgado, Edder Delgado, Miguel Valerio, Axel Soto (Darvis Argueta, min. 61), Rafael Agámez and Yaudel Lahera (Pedro Pablo Mencía, min.77).

MARATHÓN: Denovan Torres, Bryan Barrios, Henry Figueroa, Esteban Espíndola, Adrian Ramírez, Mario Martínez, Kervin Arriaga, Carlos Discua (Roger Iscoa, min. 82), Marlon Ramírez (Yerson Gutierrez, min. 74), Edwin Solani (Jefry Miranda, min .57) and Bruno Volpi.

REFEREE: Hector Rodriguez


Honduras Progress: Edder Delgado min.31, Rafael Agámez, min.45 and 68, was expelled, Dylan Andrade, min.61.

Marathon: Henry Figueroa min. 22, Edwin Solani min. 29, Héctor Vargas (DT), min. 43, Esteban Espíndola, min. 54), Jefry Miranda, min. 78, Bryan Barrios, min. 85.


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